• Male
  • 7 y.o.
  • Healthy. Height: 55 cm. Weight: 30 kg
  • Cheerful and loving
  • Good fit for families with children

Smiley dog

We're happy to present you an oversize Pomeranian. Please, meet our resilient smiley dog. He is always happy to see everyone and everything. He loves everybody. And he will definitely love you. He doesn't bear grudges. You'll cheer up immediately just by looking at him. Just imagine! Living in a shelter didn't make him rude and aggressive. Sometimes he acts like a puppy. He wiggles his tail and smiles. Wouldn't you smile bak? There's only one "flaw" to him – he's 7 years old. People say it's too many. But we don't believe so. Doesn't every dog deserve a home, no matter their age? They do! So does Wolf.

If you can’t yet adopt Wolf, you can become his sponsor or a financial supervisor. If you have any questions, feel free to call

+7 929 946 30 31

To adopt an animal



Phone number +7 (916) 794-22-97 E-mail cf.everydog@gmail.com

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