About fond

Foundation History

The “Every Dog” Charitable Foundation for Homeless Animals was created by a group of volunteers from a Moscow shelter on ul. Sorge in December 2018.

The idea of ​​opening a fund was not born spontaneously and by no means by chance. First, we, like many volunteers, came to the shelter over the weekend, fed the dogs, tried to pet, chat, helped clean the cages, change hay. Gradually they searched for proven overexposures and took the animals out for further socialization.

As a result, we decided to organize a Fund and create a center for animals, which has no analogues in Russia: Home social center for dogs – Center “HOUSE”.


Our mission

We want to change people’s attitudes towards animal shelters. Show that a shelter can be a place where both animals and people who help and communicate with them are happy. To form in children, in the young generation, a humane attitude towards animals, so that it does not appear in isolated cases, but becomes the norm.

Our team


Natalia Kurtyukova

Fund Director, oldest shelter volunteer

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