Become a guardian

Want a friend but can't take home? The custody program is the perfect solution

You can take custody of any animal that does not yet have a guardian — this is how to get a pet that I had dreamed about all my life, but I could not afford it for any reason.

In addition, the guardianship program is a real help to our animals! It is designed to improve the conditions of detention and nutrition of the wards of the shelter, the quality of veterinary care, and also enables us to help more homeless animals.

What does the guardian get?
  1. The ability to communicate and visit the guardianship animal at any convenient time (during the working hours of the Center,
    by prior arrangement with staff);
  2. Certificate of guardian;
  3. A sign with the data of the guardian will appear on the aviary of the ward;
  4. Photo report on the life of the ward animal in the Center (1 time / month, 4-5 photos);
  5. Monthly report on the expenditure of the guardianship contribution.
Terms of custody
  1. Before issuing guardianship, a Center specialist will instruct and talk in detail about how to be a guardian;
  2. When registering guardianship, an agreement is made in duplicate

Become a guardian

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