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About Animal Shelter on Zorge Street

Animal Shelter on Zorge street in Moscow was found in 2004. Almost immediately after the shelter opened up, it got filled in with homeless animals and hasn’t been accepting new animals ever since even with financial curators. The majority of 300 dogs that are now in shelter are of the age of 8-10 years or more. This means that besides feeding the dogs and keeping the household running, shelter on Zorge street is in constant emergency need of providing veterinary support to shelter animals by taking them to veterinary centre and complying with veterinary prescription when animals are back to shelter.

Shelter on Zorge street is financed via charity donations and is not supported by any state or city officials. To increase the trust during fundraising for the needs of the shelter and transparency of how the funds are then spent charitable fund «Every Dog» was found by the shelter volunteers in 2018. Funds raised are used to feed the dogs, provide veterinary support, cover household needs, advertise animals to find new home. On monthly bases the fund publishes reports on income and expenses on it’s website.

Although animal shelter on Zorge street is considered a small shelter in Moscow, it is as difficult to take care of the dogs as in big shelters. One not only needs to feed the dogs and let them freely run around at least once a day, but also train them, pet them and show that they are loved. Hence it is very important that shelter is supported by volunteers that come to care and treat the dogs. Our shelter dogs are in the majority seniors, hence very kind and eager to socialise. They are in need of human attention and communication. Dogs always great visitors in shelter with joy, make all they can to be petted and hugged. They are in less need of treats then in human attention! Dogs are an enormous source of energy and positive emotions every time you see them.

Every dog in our shelter is in need of home! Be it a puppy, young or senior dog, dig or small, black or white, but all kind, friendly and vaccinated!


Our mission

We want to change people’s attitudes towards animal shelters. Show that a shelter can be a place where both animals and people who help and communicate with them are happy. To form in children, in the young generation, a humane attitude towards animals, so that it does not appear in isolated cases, but becomes the norm.

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How can you help

Help feed 300 tails

In winter dogs are in extra need of better nutrition to heat up in cold. They are fed with buckwheat with meat, quality and quantity of which depend on financial facilities.

 Help feed 300 tails


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